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The Mindshot Project

The goal of the Mindshot project is to launch programs that will effect significant behavioral change and substantially improve patient outcomes. At the heart of our Personal Lifestyles Skills training is our patent-pending technology, the Whole Brain 3D Conceptual Framework. Our innovative approach to lifelong learning for long-term care is practical, proven, and unparalleled.

3D Conceptual Framework.png
The Whole Brain 3D Conceptual Framework is a visual representation that is mental, physical, and digital. This proprietary tool provides a roadmap for applying superior creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills to an array of lifestyle topics.

The PLS curriculum is designed to develop the critical skills-building competency needed for participants to achieve permanent healthy habits for better living.

Mindshot Milestones


Charlie Atkinson, an instructional skills design expert, contracts West Nile Virus. Charlie defies death spending 400+ days on a ventilator at MGB/Spaulding Rehab hospital. Charlie takes charge of his recovery by implementng the personal lifestyles skills program he designs. 


Charlie Atkinson invents an operating system for the mind — the 3D Conceptual Framework.

On October 1, 2014, the Whole Brain Foundation is founded to prepare to launch "the next big thing" in healthcare.


Mindshot Project is launched. A program that allows people to take charge of their wellness and well-being by giving them a powerful visual tool that is mental, physical, and digital. The mission of this approach is to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.  


International Patent Application: Systems and Methods for Creating, Displaying, and Using Visual Representations of Information (Charles D Atkinson III, Hyo Kahng)


Personal Lifestyle Skills (PLS) Alpha Testing begins


Development of the Whole Connected Health System and the Universal Repository of Learning (URL) begin starting with the creation of pilot programs for patients with disorders that require behavioral health changes.

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