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For decades we've researched how the brain works, and we've discovered how the mind learns. Our programs put the keys to unlocking optimal health and wellbeing in your hands. At the Whole Brain Foundation, we help you learn better so you can live better. 

Learn Better.  Live Better.

"I learned how to beat the odds against a devastating illness and recovery. Now, we're building the tools to help you learn too" - Charlie Atkinson, Founder TWBF


Recovery from illness and injury requires a whole team.

When providers, patients, caregivers, and friends work together, they are more effective than when they work apart. Healthcare systems currently lack a method for helping patients and families form plans and manage complex treatments — until now.

At the Whole Brain Foundation, our mission is to create tools that radically improve patient outcomes by making it easy for a patient's whole team to be engaged in care and recovery — a Whole Connected Health System



You've heard of the Moonshot? We're taking a Mindshot. Learning to change one’s mindset is a key intervention for preventing/ managing chronic disease. Even when health professionals provide the highest quality of prevention and treatment, results can fall short when people lack the knowledge and tools to self-manage their health. We aim to change this — here's how: 

We’re building a Universal Repository of Learning to host Personal Lifestyle Skills (PLS) content and curriculum that will be accessible and affordable through the Healthy Employee Learning Platform (HELP) together with our content and distribution partners.

Built upon 60+ years of Organizational Behavioral and Cognitive research and experience in Learning Systems Architecture, our innovative platform will publish and host an extensive range of therapeutic programs for clinical and personal use that will significantly improve patient outcomes. 


At the heart of our Personal Lifestyles Skills (PLS) training is our patent-pending technology, the Whole Brain 3D Conceptual Framework

Invented by TWBF founder, Charles Atkinson, EdD, the 3D Conceptual Framework is the key to unlocking our understanding of how the brain works, and how the mind learns. PLS curriculum and content creation are scientifically designed in collaboration with our expert medical content partners and our instructional learning specialists based on this proprietary technology.


Be part of our Pilot Program. The Whole Brain Foundation is actively working with curriculum content and distribution partners. If you'd like to know more about these pioneering programs please contact us. 


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