Welcome to The Whole Brain Foundation

We are on a mission to revolutionize healthcare.

Recovery from illness and injury requires the whole team. When providers, patients, caregivers, and friends work together, they are more effective than when they work apart.

Our work is based on The Mindshot Project

Healthcare systems currently lack a method for helping patients and families form plans and manage complex treatments. Our vision is to introduce The Whole Brain 3D Conceptual Framework (patent pending) to the world, starting with the healthcare industry.

We conduct educational research to unlock the personal health potential in all of us.

We learned how to beat the odds against a devastating illness and recovery. You can learn too.

Launching The Mindshot Project

Goal of The Mindshot Project is to equip people with a visual representation of conceptual framework that is mental, physical, and digital. This revolutionary tool will allow people to build competency and take responsibility for wellness and wellbeing.

This approach will augment human intelligence that can ultimately revolutionize healthcare with lower cost and improved quality.

As a start, Personal Lifestyle Skills provides participants with a roadmap for creating a new and healthier way of life. To accomplish this goal, every person must be able to apply superior creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills to an array of lifestyle topics that affect health and wellness. The PLS curriculum is designed to develop and strengthen these crucial skills thereby building the competence and confidence necessary for participants to establish permanent healthy habits for better living.

  • Personal Lifestyle Skills (PLS): build training programs utilizing the resources from major organizations and institutions like Mass General Brigham Hospital, AARP, American Heart Association, American Medical Association, Haven Healthcare, and CVS.

Additionally, we seek to launch the Health Employee Learning Platform (HELP) populated with PLS curriculums that are essential components to the collaborative vision of The Whole Connected Health System.

  • Health Employee Learning Platform (HELP): develop our platform with companies with technological capabilities like Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Google, Salesforce.com, IBM, Flagship Partners, Bridgewater Associates, and Conversa.


Stay updated with The Whole Brain Foundation for important accomplishments and efforts, look out for underlines that link to various documentations.

The Mindshot Project

The Whole Connected Health System, collaboration with Dr. Joseph Kvedar, MD @ Partners HealthCare

Boston University Platform Strategy Project Proposal

International Patent Application: Systems and Methods for Creating, Displaying, and Using Visual Representations of Information (Charles D Atkinson III and Hyo Kahng)

Personal Lifestyle Skills (PLS): Learning for Healthy Habits and Better Outcomes

COVID-19 Conversations Webinar: Overview of 12 Personal Lifestyle Competencies "Meeting-in-a-Box"

Personal Lifestyle Skills Webinar: COVID-19 Conversations


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