Charles Atkinson, EdD

President and Founder, The Whole Brain Foundation

Charles Atkinson is an educator, inventor, psychologist, and entrepreneur, who has invented The Atkinson Artificial Mind leading to the Whole System. He is a living innovator integrating the behavior of the Whole Brain, Extended Mind, and Body of knowledge in a revolutionary three dimensional conceptual framework.

He currently serves as President and Founder of The Whole Brain Foundation and Chairman of Whole Systems International Corporation. He was instrumental in the instructional systems invention and deployment of Professional Selling Skills, Whole Brain Curriculum, and hundreds of skills, knowledge, and performance Learning programs in industries and government.

He is a recovering patient of neuroinvasive West Nile Virus. Charlie survived by applying his life learning and the principals of the Whole System to be a fully engaged patient in his own health. This experience has led him to rededicate his work to Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing.

He is passionate about augmenting human intelligence to leash artificial intelligence. He is a husband, father, and grandfather who loves piano, tennis, travel, and reading.